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To be known worldwide, you must first be known on the page. The authentic, wild YOU must show up for readers to emotionally connect to your story. Most writers think they are accomplishing this, but are falling short. Because true emotional connection is a GUARANTEED SALE. It's guaranteed RAVE REVIEWS. When this connection happens effectively - oh, my wildlings, how the WORLD OPENS UP! Readers become advocates! Dreams come to life! And you will not just be known within, but, if you so desire, you will BE KNOWN WORLDWIDE. Let me show you how:

  • Learn the cutting edge research on emotional connection and receive a step-by-step practical application for your story to ensure empathy from all of your readers.

  • Learn your own personalized formula for writing in a way that will make you stand out, break in and grow a rabid readership that can take you wherever it is you want to go. Rinse-repeat.

  • Learn how to writer faster, freer, have fun and actually finish (and find the whole process immensely healing!) by tapping into your infinite well of wild creativity. Kiss writer's block and writer's apathy goodbye.

  • TAKE THE CHALLENGE: 1 day to outline, 60 days to story! Follow our trademarked process for emotional connection and cut down the rewrites, let the creativity flow and embrace the personal healing. This is how we get paid to do what we love.

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    Bonus discounts on our live events, virtual workshops, writers retreats, webinars, personal one-on-one coaching and more!

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    Bonus videos that no one else has access to that always aim to provide the answers to "what's next?" We want you to leave our courses, workshops and retreats ready to write on and Be Known.

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    Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact easily with like-minded writers, Katiedid and our team. And join our 60 DAYS TO STORY FACEBOOK CHALLENGE!!

We Love Getting to Know You

Here's a little more about our fearless leader:

  • Katiedid Langrock

    Katiedid Langrock

    Katiedid is a TV writer/creator, TV development executive, published author, ghostwriter and nationally syndicated humor columnist. She has been at the forefront of studying emotional connection through storytelling, trademarking her proven processes for creating reader empathy and emotional confluence (TM). She loves coaching people to write now and be known.

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